Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Thank You's!

Oh my goodness, I have been totally overwhelmed by the number of wonderful people who have so generously donated their hard earned cash to my JustGiving page for Target Ovarian Cancer and I would like to thank each and every one of you.

Not everyone who has donated is a knitter, crocheter or crafter so this is extra specially lovely. I am so looking forward to sitting down at Plush in the fantastic 'Sit-n-knit-a-bit'  zone where hopefully I will get to meet lots of you lovely makers and doers and we can get our Plush needles and hooks out, have a good old yarn (ha ha 'yarn' get it?) and at the same time pass on the information that we all need to know about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer to look out for.

If you haven't got your Plush charity Target Ovarian Cancer needles and hooks yet then please scoot on over to the webpage and grab some. They are only £5 for needles and £3 for hooks and £2 of this will go directly to help fund this essential charity.

Hoping you are all having a great Wednesday - only two days till the weekend. Woop!!
Huge love
RV xxx

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